The application process

Once you have viewed a rental property matching your requirements, you will need to apply via our application process. This will involve completing an application form, and if found to be acceptable, you will progress to the referencing stage of the process.

References from your employer, current landlord and credit referencing agencies as well as identification checks are required during this stage.

To start the process, please click below. Please note that your application is not classed as submitted until the full referencing process has been completed and Pinkertons are in receipt of all of the documents required.

What happens when you are accepted for a tenancy

Before progressing to the referencing stage of the application process, you will be asked to provide a potential move in date and a holding fee equal to one month's rent.

The holding fee ensures no further marketing of the property whilst your refencing is taking place. You have a maximum of seven days to complete the referencing stage. Failure to meet this timeframe will result in the property being remarketed at your cost.

Once we receive notification that you have successfully passed referencing you will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement.

Holding fee, security deposit and first months rent

At the time of signing your Tenancy Agreement, the holding fee you paid becomes part of your first months' rent. As your Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document, you should read the contents thoroughly before signing. If a guarantor is required, they will be required to sign a Deed of Guarantee at this time too.

At least three working days before your tenancy starts you will be required to transfer the security deposit to our client account or provide evidence of a Reposit.

Reposit is a deposit scheme alternative that allows you to rent a property deposit free.

Want to know more?

How much must I earn to pass affordability

To meet the minimum income requirements for the property you must be earning 2.5 x the annual rent e.g. if the rent is £550 per month you need to earn over £16,500 to apply for the property. If you earn less a guarantor will be required and will be subject to referencing.

A guarantor must be earning 3 x the annual rent to qualify e.g. if the rent is £550 per month the guarantor needs to earn over £19,800 to qualify.

If you are not working and in receipt of Housing Benefit / Universal Credit you must have a guarantor and the guarantor must be in full time employment.

Costs to the applicant

Costs to the applicant will only be incurred in the following circumstance:
  • If you decide not to proceed with the tenancy you will be charged for loss of rent and/ or cost of remarketing.*
  • If any information given on your application form is false or incorrect you will fail the referencing process and will be charged for loss of rent and/ or cost of remarketing.*
  • If you fail to meet the deadlines, you will be charged for loss of rent and/or cost of remarketing.
* Loss of Rent, for example: If the landlord loses 2 weeks marketing this will be calculated as losing 2 weeks rent.
* Remarketing costs will be charged at £150 plus VAT.

Your own dedicated tenant portal

When you become a Pinkertons tenant, you will have access to your own dedicated Client Portal where you will be able to view your tenancy details in real time. Details such as:

  • Tenancy term dates, tenancy renewals and changes
  • A timeline record of rental payments
  • Account balance, charges and corresponding receipts
  • Deposit information
  • Reporting and tracking of maintenance issues
Logging on to your portal is easy and can be done via smartphone, tablet or PC.

A fantastic way to give you 24/7 access to important information, anytime, anywhere!


When commencing a tenancy on one of our properties we would strongly suggest you consider taking out a tenant's contents insurance policy. This policy should be for your possessions but also provide a level of cover for landlord's fixtures and fittings.

This extra cover gives you peace of mind in knowing that damages can be claimed on your insurance policy, therefore protecting any potential deductions from your security deposit. We recommend that your tenant's contents insurance policy is in place at the start of the tenancy to ensure you are covered from day one.

You should always shop around for the best cover, but if you need help finding suitable cover at a competitive price, we can introduce you to our Insurance Broker who has many years' experience in arranging such insurance.

Alternatively, you can click the link below and take your policy out online.
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