Property details

Applicant details

Do you or anyone who will be living in the property...

Bank details

Employment information

Please give details of your current employer; if you are self-employed, please provide details of your accountant.

Tenancy History

We would like to verify your tenant history, if currently renting, or you have rented within the last 3 years, please provide your landlords details. If you provide us with your landlords details and they decide to use our services, you will receive a £100 Amazon Voucher. If your property was managed by an agency, please provide the agency's details instead. If you have not notified your landlord you are moving out yet please still provide your landlords details but select the correct option from the drop down accordingly

Applicants in receipt of housing benefit or univeral credit only

(A copy of your current award notice must be provided)

Adverse credit

Property condition acceptance

Costs to the applicant

There is no cost to submit this application to our offices. However, once you have been accepted for a tenancy you will be required to pay a holding fee equal to one month's rent*. This will secure the property and allow the referencing process to continue - this will prevent any further marketing of the property.

You will have 7 days from the moment you are notified that your application is being processed to complete our referencing process. Failure to meet the timeframe will result in the property being remarketed at your cost.

Should any of the following circumstances occur, you agree to the related costs being charged to you:

1. If you decide not to proceed with the tenancy, you will be charged for loss of rent** and/or the cost of remarketing***

2. If any information given on your application form is false or incorrect you will fail the referencing process and will be charged for loss of rent** and/or the cost of remarketing***

3. If you fail to meet the deadlines, you will be charged for loss of rent** and/or cost of remarketing***

*Once the tenancy agreement has been signed and accepted, the holding fee will be deducted from the first months' rent.
**Loss of rent: if the landlord loses 2 weeks' marketing this will be calculated as losing 2 weeks' rent.
***Remarketing costs will be charged at £150 plus VAT.

Declaration and consent

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