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Working from home? Tips for creating the perfect home office
With so many of us taking our work out of the office and into our homes, there has never been a more popular time to rethink the study space in your very own home. Follow the tips below to know how to implement your work life into your own home.

The first step is creating
space. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, creating a moderate about of space for you to work in is important. Keep the colour palette neutral and bright to make the space seem larger, while ensuring there’s natural light coming in.

The second step is the furniture. You want to ensure you have the essentials to work efficiently such as a desk, a chair and a printer. By having a big enough desk, be sure to keep all your stationery essentials easy to reach by opting for a desk with storage. Your home office chair is probably the most important part, and choosing the right one for you comes down to style and comfort especially if you will be seated their most of the day. As well as gadgets, you should consider how you would communicate with the outside world. A shared voicemail can sound unprofessional or confuse clients who expect a message specific to your business, and if you use the same landline for your home and work, you risk having a child or other family member answer the phone. Having a dedicated phone for your home office, whether that’s a mobile or a landline, it can allow you to separate your work and personal life, maintaining boundaries that help both you and your customers.

The third step is lighting. Lighting is equally important even though it is often overlooked. Windows and exposure to daylight can impact office workers' physical and mental well-being. Working in a space with natural light can reduce headaches and maintain healthy eyes, allowing you to be more productive on a day-to-day basis. Also consider placing a lamp on your desk if you are the type of person who works into the late hours and need that extra lighting to help you get through it.

The fourth step is the extras. There’s always a way to make your home office match your taste. It is proven to be important to personalise your work area to your acquired taste in order to motivate you to work. You don’t have to go crazy with the design, but having a few bits and pieces such as, plants, shades of colour and pictures just makes it extra cosy.  Not only that, it will match the aesthetic to the rest of your home and could potentially add value to your property in the long run.

However you decide to redesign your home office, be true to your personal style but keep comfort in the forefront of your plans. With the rise in working from home for many people today, this space could soon become your regular 9-5 spot so make sure you give it some tender loving care!
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