back Posted on 6 December 2023
Why You Should Prepare Now for a Post-Christmas Sale
There’s one day of the year when the stars align for sellers and it’s not too far off.

If you’re planning on selling up anytime soon, you’d be mad not to capitalise on this opportunity.

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Behold the Boxing Day home hunters
You may think the festive season, with its public holidays, boozy lunches, and family gatherings, isn’t a great time to take a property to market – but you’d be wrong.

Internet traffic booms on property portals on Boxing Day.

Why? On Boxing Day, people have time to think about their future and look at what’s on the market.

But that’s not all
Importantly, those who are perusing property portals on Boxing Day are motivated to move.

Christmas sets all sorts of big life decisions in motion. Some couples decide to cement a relationship by moving in together; others conclude that it’s time to part ways.

Meanwhile, some families recognise that they need more space, while others admit it’s time to downsize.

With this pool of keen buyers, you’d think there would be an abundant supply of sellers. But surprisingly, many people delay putting their property on the market until the New Year.

This means the savvy sellers who get their act together in time for Boxing Day enjoy maximum exposure but less competition – it’s a win-win.

Do something now if you’re serious about selling
Before you put your Christmas decorations up (they’ll date your marketing photos), get your ducks in a row now.

Choose your agent (perhaps one who has suggested such a smart move like getting ready now for all those Boxing Day home hunters?) and organise your property’s paperwork.

Leave the photos, floorplans, and marketing strategy to the agents.

Then enjoy the run-up to Christmas, knowing you’ve done the hard yards and that you’re not missing a trick.

With everything in place, you can simply tell your agent when to launch your property to the market to bring it to the attention of all those serious, post-Christmas buyers.

To find out more about this way of making the most of a great window of opportunity, contact us here at Pinkertons.
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