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Tips on moving home for first time parents
Moving home is a stressful activity at the best of times, but for first-time parents, the process seems daunting. Caring for a young child is often more than enough to keep parents busy, but when you are moving to a new home, and unsettling their routine, you will face plenty of obstacles.

Help is at hand. We are pleased to say we have helped many first-time parents move home and we have picked up some tips along the way. Here are tips on moving home for first-time parents…

Discuss the house move
How much you can discuss the move may depend on the age of the child or children in your household, but it is essential parents talk about the house move with their children. Going through what is likely to happen will put the child at ease, and it will make them feel at ease.

There are books available which may help a child comprehend the situation better, and parents should discuss the matter in a positive term. It is crucial parents remain calm around their children, even though the moving process is quite stressful.

Prioritise your children’s needs
While there is a lot to consider and take care of during the moving process, the process becomes a lot more challenging if your children are upset. Therefore, try to ensure essential items are kept close at hand and can be accessed quickly.

If you have a baby, you will need a lot of essential items at hand. You should also try to ensure there is a space where you can change and feed them. Ideally, some form of childcare should be arranged to make the moving process more manageable, but of course, this isn’t always possible.

Items you need to consider having close at hand for your youngsters include food, drink, a change of clothes, something to keep them entertained, and anything they require at short notice. Every child is unique, and some will have more pressing needs than others. As a parent, you know best what your child needs, so make sure that you can take care of them, even on a day that is far from normal.

If your child is old enough to assist with the moving process, get them involved. You may be surprised at how a little bit of responsibility keeps them occupied, and it means the child has a role to play, which is great for them.

Be mindful of safety concerns
As a parent, you have your child’s safety as a top concern at all times. However, given the moving process is an uncommon event for many people, you may not as focused as you usually are. There will also be risks and issues that don’t usually arise in your daily activities.

Therefore, you need to make sure the moving process is safe, and that risks are minimised around your child. Also, if you are hiring a van to move your belongings, make sure you have a suitable child’s car seat, or that someone will be able to care for the child when moving from your old home to the new house.

You should also prioritise child-proofing the new home. Once you know the new home is suitable for your child or children, it becomes easier to arrange it to suit your own needs and circumstances.

All households face challenges when moving home, but first-time parents have a lot to contend with. If you are looking for assistance with all aspects of a property move, rely on us - we look forward to helping you get to your dream home!
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