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Sellling Your Home – Our Top Ten Tips
1. Appoint an Agent
At Pinkertons, we know how stressful selling a house can be. That’s why our sales team are dedicated to making this process as simple as possible for you - making them the best in the business. You want an agency who know the market inside-out, can negotiate on your behalf to get the best outcome and have a ‘can-do’ attitude and this is exactly what is on offer here at Pinkertons! We will maximise the results while minimising stress.

2. Little Things Count
Buyers will pay great attention to detail and will, in fact, look for faults in your home. Buyers are looking for value for money, after all! So look around the home for little odd jobs that may be worth fixing before potential purchasers view the property. Buyers will over-estimate how much repairs will cost, so it is worth sorting out the small problems before they view the property.

3. Make a Good First Impression
From the moment a buyer sees the outside of your home, they will have an opinion so it is vital that you make their first impression a good one! Try and ensure the garden and surrounding areas are well kept as this will appeal to a buyer before they even step foot in the house. Clean your windows, keep your pathway clear and cut the grass – these small steps will entice buyers!

4. Get Painting!
Interior or exterior paint could be a crucial selling point and may be the decision maker for a purchaser. Perhaps your home needs refreshed anyway so this is the perfect opportunity to update! Neutral is best as it will appeal to a range of audiences – you don’t want to limit yourself to a certain type of purchaser as then you won’t receive a lot of viewers.

5. Declutter
In this age of technology, most buyers view your home through a screen first and foremost. This means it is imperative to tidy your house before your photos so that they can get a good view of the property, rather than looking at your possessions. Purchasers will be put off arranging a viewing if the photos show a messy home.

6. Get the Light Right!
In order to enhance the look of your home, get ambient lighting in each room, use lamps to light up dark areas, open your curtains and make it look as good as you can! Although a photographer can make rooms look lighter in a photo, you want your rooms to look bright when viewers come to see your home.

7. Organise Your Rooms
Your property will be more appealing to purchasers if they can clearly see what each room is used for as this allows them to see the full potential of the property. Perhaps a bedroom has become more like a storage room – try and put it back to how it was intended to be as this makes it a lot easier for purchasers to get a proper feel for the house.

8. Spend well
Although you may be keen to make home improvements before bringing the property to market, ensure that what you spend will be covered by a value increase. The best way to budget for this is to seek information on the maximum potential value of your property.

9. Broadband Matters
In this day and age, WIFI is a huge selling point for buyers. People are now looking for homes with the best signal, WIFI connection and broadband. You can be sure that a question you will be asked on a viewing will be regarding your broadband connection, so don’t be afraid to boast about how good yours is as it could be a deal breaker!

10. Research and Instruct a Solicitor
Research and instruct a conveyancing solicitor early. By doing so this allows your solicitor to gather your property deeds etc early and could save a few weeks on the conveyancing. Pick a solicitor who agrees to give you a weekly update. Ask your agent for recommendations of conveyancers who communicate consistently.
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