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Let there be light: how to fill your new home with natural light
Depending on your budget and time limitations, harnessing sunlight isn’t beyond your reach. Some remedies are quick fixes; others may take a weekend. Or you can go full-throttle and make some major changes to enliven dark rooms and create a natural flow through your new home.

We’ve broken our sunlight solutions down into these three levels of effort. Try these tricks and let there be light!

Quick fixes:

•      Move any furniture that resides in front of your windows. This ensures the light that does drift in has room to roam.

•      Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Placed in strategic locations, mirrors can bounce light into gloomy corners. Hanging a mirror of the same size directly across from a window can even give the illusion of two bright windows!

•      Do a quick scan of each room in search of shadows. Anything that casts significant shade should be moved so its shadow isn’t as obvious.

•      When decorating, choose furniture with delicate frames so light can move easily around it. Tables and decor made from glass, lucite or reflective metals can also help your space feel sunny.

Weekend projects:

•      Wash your windows frequently. Although we sometimes can’t see it, a film of dirt can collect on windowpanes ever so slightly filtering the sunlight. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this can make!

•      Install airy window treatments to diffuse the uneven beams during peak hours and offer privacy without cutting sunshine out completely. Sheer white curtains can help, and window shades are another great option. Solar shades are an excellent choice for adding privacy but keeping the light: They filter out UV rays while preserving your view to the outdoors, and all the light that comes with it.

•      Keep your decor choices light in colour so they reflect the natural light. This goes for paint, too! Shiny finishes, like satin paint, will help bounce brightness around the room.

•      Trim any bushes or boughs that may be obstructing your windows. This might even widen the range of hours that light can reach into your home.

Big jobs:

•      Feeling brave? Remove any unnecessary doors that close off rooms and block the flow of light, or just replace them with glass doors. Frosting door panes is a fantastic option for rooms like studies or dens that needs a little privacy and more light. You can always widen doorways, too!

•      Remove non-weight bearing walls between common rooms allowing daylight to reach further into your home.

•      The sky is the limit if you decide to install skylights or tubular daylight devices! With some careful planning, this option can bring natural light into even the most surprising spaces. Skylights are the perfect choice for dark bathrooms and bedrooms as they offer the utmost privacy and a gorgeous glow.

Natural light in your space can improve your mood, productivity, energy, and your overall health. If you’re buying a home or have recently purchased a new home that lacks natural light, you now know how simple it can be to bring it in.

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