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Checklist for selling your home
Value Your Property
The first step is important. You need to know what your current place is worth. You will want to do some research before you even approach an estate agent, and look at what other properties in the area have recently sold for. You also want to take a look at what houses are currently on offer in the area and get a feel for the market. It could be that properties are desperately sought in your area and so the price can go up, or it could be there is a glut on the market already so you want to fairly price your home to sell.

Review Your Cash Flow
Knowing how much you will likely get for your property is only part of it. You also need to know where you stand financially as there will be fees, and costs that will be incurred as part of buying and selling. Some of these will need to be paid up front before you get the money for your property, so it is important to have your finances clear from the outset.

Select Your Estate Agent
There are a large number of agencies around these days, including some with no physical presence. All of them will have different offers and fees associated with buying and selling houses so it is worth you doing your research before you sign up with someone. You want to make sure that your property will be marketed in the right way, and it will not cost you the earth to do so. Ultimately you want the property to sell, so you want an agent with a good track record, not just the cheapest.

Make Your Home Look Presentable
It is important that when you are trying to sell your house you show it off in its best light. This may mean that you have to make compromises to how you live in the meantime. Things such as redecorating rooms to more neutral colours will give your home the ‘blank canvas’ look that buyers want to see. They need to be able to see their personality on the place, not yours. So make sure everything is clean, tidy and friendly.

Hire a Solicitor
Your solicitor is an important person and you want to make sure that you get the right one. You don’t have to just take whomever the estate agents are recommending. Your solicitor works for you and protects your interests, so it is important to get the right one. Do your research.

Evaluate Offers Carefully
It can be tempting just to jump at the first offer that you get that is reasonable. But you need to read the offers carefully. If something doesn’t sit right with you, negotiate. If you don’t want to include certain bits e.g. Carpets and Curtains, then make sure the offer is how you want it.
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