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Matrimonial & Probate Valuations and Commercial Lease Services

Residential valuations

Expert valuations of residential properties can be required for many different reasons.

Pinkertons would be only too pleased to discuss your particular requirements in preparing a valuation of your property and below we've detailed some of the typical types of valuation which we frequently undertake.

Matrimonial Valuations

Sadly, this is an increasing aspect of property ownership and modern life and when a valuation is required for use in divorce proceedings, we would normally be jointly instructed by both of parties solicitors, or by the Court, to act as a Single Joint Expert in providing valuation advice.

However, where a joint appointment cannot be agreed, or is inappropriate, we can prepare a formal valuation for one party in the proceedings.

Probate Valuations

It is often the case that upon the death of a person their property forms the largest part of the estate. In order to assess the level of Inheritance Tax owed, it's necessary for a formal valuation of the property to be carried out.

An assessment of the property is prepared, reflecting the value of the property on the date that the owner died and is prepared in accordance with RICS guidelines.

Once probate has been granted, we can also market the property for sale and keep all members of the family advised regarding the progress of the sale until completion.

Commercial lease advice

Over the years Pinkertons have acted for both large corporate clients as well as those clients with single leases throughout a variety of lease negotiations (rent reviews, lease renewals and readjustment of leases).

No matter whether you are a landlord or tenant, as these times provide the opportunity for the improvement of lease terms, getting professional advice as early as possible is of particular importance.

If you are commencing a lease or coming up to a rent review period we can help you to get the best out of the negotiations with minimal effort from yourself.

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