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Applying for tenancy

Use this application form to apply for tenancy with Pinkertons

How to apply for tenancy

To obtain a tenancy for one of our rental properties, you will need to apply via our application process.

To start the application process, you need to complete the application form below.

Application form

The application process

Once you have submitted your application form, we will start the application process. This is carried out by our referencing partner, through an online system.

Once this has begun you will receive an email asking you to submit additional information and upload documents via a bespoke link. You will be able to upload documents via a smart phone, tablet or PC.

We will receive update notifications throughout your activity, and once your full application is complete. Please do not delay in completing the application, as an application is not classed as received until the entire referencing process is completed and signed as received by our Lettings Team.

Important Information


Receipt of satisfactory references are required before we approach the Landlord for their acceptance of your application.

To speed up the application process you should advise all of your references that they will be contacted.


A Guarantor must be provided if you do not pass the credit check, have unsatisfactory references or if the Landlord requests one.

All Guarantors will be contacted to ensure they are aware of their legal commitments to your tenancy. They will also be required to complete an application form to proceed through our referencing process, and be subject to a credit check.

Deposits and rental payments

Once your application has been accepted by the landlord, you will be offered the tenancy subject to payment of a deposit, equal to one month's rent. This must be paid with 48 hours of acceptance and will act as security to the Landlord of your intention to proceed with the tenancy.

Within five working days of the landlord accepting your application you will be expected to sign a Tenancy Agreement and, if applicable, your Guarantor will need to sign a Guarantor Agreement.

Any money paid between the Landlord accepting your application and you signing the Tenancy Agreement is non-refundable should you fail to proceed with the tenancy for whatever reason.

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

Application Form

Property details

Your information

Do you or anyone who will be living in the property:

Bank Details

Your employment details

Please give details of your current employer. If you are self-employed, please provide details of your accountant.

Your landlord details

If currently renting, or you have rented within the last 3 years, please provide your current Landlord's details. If your property was managed by an agency, please provide the agency's details instead.

Applicants in receipt of housing benefit or universal credit only

( A copy of your current award notice must be provided )


Adverse Credit

Property condition acceptance

If you answered NO to the above statement, please indicate EXACTLY what you require to be attended to in the property before you move in, as it is often difficult to make changes once a landlord has agreed to an application. Please note that we CANNOT guarantee the Landlord will agree to complete any or all of these requests.

Declaration and consent