6th November 2019


When it comes to selling a property, you want to get as much money as you can in the shortest time possible. At Pinkertons, we want to help you avoid unnecessary stress and so we have collated a list of DON’TS to follow so that you don’t destroy your sale!



You may have invested a lot of time, effort and money into your home and so we understand that it can be difficult hearing that it is worth less than you think. However, the worth of your property is not based on how much money you spend on redecorating and remodelling. Trust us to be honest about the value of your property and trust that we know where your home should be priced! If your home is overpriced, it can sit on the market for a long time which puts you in the difficult position of putting your plans on hold.



You might think that you are the best fit to show potential purchasers around your home. After all, you currently live there and know all about its positives. However, most of the time, viewers are looking for some privacy when viewing a home. It is an overwhelming (and expensive!) decision and so they want time and space to really take it in – they don’t want to hear about where you bought your wallpaper or how much your kitchen renovation was! Allow us as your appointed agents to show your property and get you a sale.



It is important to have an idea of what price homes in your local area have sold for as it helps you make a decision on how much you should list your property for. Some agencies will offer you dishonest valuations in order to get your custom, but here at Pinkertons we ensure that we are honest and reputable when it comes to valuing your home. Extensive ground work is put in before your valuation even takes place so that we can base our figures on accurate comparable selling prices.



Surveys are the main reason that buyers wish to negotiate with a seller. They show up issues in the house that you did not know were there, or in fact, you were hoping wouldn’t be noticed. As a seller, it is important that you are willing to meet in the middle for genuine issues as it shows that you are serious about selling. Otherwise, the sale could fall through and you are back to the beginning of the process. Fixtures and fittings list can also cause disagreements so be flexible and willing to negotiate. Of course, the final decision is yours but if you trust us as your agents, you can be sure that we will give you the best advice so that you can make an informed decision.



There are a number of contingencies within a sales contract, many of which have time frames. It is imperative that you take these seriously! If something fails in the property after it is sale agreed, get it fixed and let the buyers know. If something needs done before the sale, make sure it gets done. If there are major repairs to be done, use a qualified professional who can provide guarantees and is certified for their work. If you attempt to do it for a cheaper price, you may scupper your chances of selling!



We know that the amount of paperwork can seem excessive at times but it is so important that you get it done as quickly as possible. From the beginning to the end of the process, if you are quick and efficient, your sale will be complete before you know it. If you delay on responding to queries, your seller may think you aren’t committed and may withdraw. If you are part of a chain, this is especially important as onward sales rely on you meeting your deadlines so they can meet theirs.